by Number Eleven

Electronic IDM Experimental

by Nos Namajs

Experimental Improvisation Avant-garde

鉄男 Tetsuo
by Mr. Lepers

Ambient Noise

by Asa Taura

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Electron Emitter

We are the label of subtle and complex creative electronic music.
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CerebralAudio Netlabel

CerebralAudio is an imprint of the CerebralRift website. We strive to release new material that feeds the mind across all styles audio. There are no restrictions to what we will consider, however each release has to be of a quality level that is (as yet) undefined.


by Absent Presence

Electronica Dubstep Experimental

The self titled EP Absent Presence

The first track Absent Presence "Behold" from the self titled EP "Absent Presence" have one fairytale melody with an dubstep flow which is not an eye-opener and don't suit for an first track for this EP. The 2nd track Absent Presence "Redemption" have stronger dubstep vibes and gives this EP an booststart, late but not too late. Divided By Zero slows down the pass with a dubsound with an surprising interesting synth sample. Flying High is not what I did when I listen the first time to this track, but give this one a chance after the third time it's gonna be a catchy one.

Clouds leave no trace
by D-Fried

Ambient Electronica

Cardio Audio
by Plasticaudioproject

Post Rock IDM Ambient

The Shadows Say Goodbye
by The Additive

Techno IDM Experimental

Motes Of Dust
by Niteffect

Downtempo Trip-Hop Hip-Hop