Go Ask Alice - Ten little dreams (and one bonus nightmare)
by Go Ask Alice


by z(xW+yV)

Experimental Improvisation Noise

by Csum

IDM Experimental Electronic

No Summer
by EE7A

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Since 2004, earsheltering produce a wild range of electronic musics from ambient to noise. Ultimate playlist for shamanic journey
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Armatoste is a netlabel from Chile (South America), has more than 10 bands, mostly alternative rock, progressive, pop rock and folk rock.


by Absent Presence

Electronica Dubstep Experimental

The self titled EP Absent Presence

The first track Absent Presence "Behold" from the self titled EP "Absent Presence" have one fairytale melody with an dubstep flow which is not an eye-opener and don't suit for an first track for this EP. The 2nd track Absent Presence "Redemption" have stronger dubstep vibes and gives this EP an booststart, late but not too late. Divided By Zero slows down the pass with a dubsound with an surprising interesting synth sample. Flying High is not what I did when I listen the first time to this track, but give this one a chance after the third time it's gonna be a catchy one.

Think Out Of The Box
by Red|-_-|box

Drum and Bass Dubstep

You Are Alone
by Speck

Ambient Psychedelic Space

Flight of Man
by The X-Structure

Trip-Hop Downtempo Electronica

Stressless Life
by Klangwald

Chillout Downtempo Ambient